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Meet Ana,
Your AI-Powered Buyer Assistant

Welcome to the private beta of Ana, the groundbreaking AI Buyer Assistant designed specifically for procurement professionals. With Ana by your side, vendor sourcing has never been easier or faster.

How It Works

Ana leverages the power of artificial intelligence and the vast amount of publicly available data to find the right vendors for your sourcing needs, all in less than 90 seconds. All you need to do is provide Ana with your requirements, and she will identify potential vendors and provide you with their contact information, instantly saving you precious time and effort.

Here's the game-changer: Ana can be simultaneously connected to internal vendor rosters or 3rd party databases. This means Ana can leverage multiple datasets, giving you a broader view and helping you make more informed decisions.

Benefits and Future Developments

The benefits of using Ana go beyond quick and efficient sourcing. She takes the stress out of vendor discovery, allowing you to focus on strategic tasks that require your expertise. As we gather more feedback and insights from our beta users, we'll continue to refine Ana's capabilities to better meet your needs.

We're also looking forward to rolling out exciting new features in the near future, further enhancing Ana's capabilities and your overall experience.


Your involvement in our private beta is not just about using Ana - it's also about shaping her future. We encourage you to provide feedback, as it will directly contribute to her evolution and help us ensure that Ana becomes the most effective AI assistant for procurement professionals.

Join us on this exciting journey, test Ana in our private beta, and help revolutionise procurement processes. Let's create the future of procurement, together.

Be the first to use Ana

We hope you are as excited as we are to join the Private Beta for Ana, an AI-powered Buyer Assistant designed to simplify your procurement process.

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